A Digital History and Photo Archive for the Beresan District, Odessa, Russia


The Villagers

The photographs on this page are of people who actually lived in our ancestral Beresan villages.    If you have any photos you would like to add, please contact me!

Click on the pictures to find out who they are!


Ottilia Berger & Frank Renner - Speier Cecilia Senn Anna Maria Schanz & daughter Alvira Herz- Speier


Franziska Marsal & Emilie Schanz - Speier

Emilie & Elisabeth Schanz - Speier

Christian Renner - Speier


Klementina Reiss, Paul Urlacher & Perpetua Urlacher - Speier

Johann Renner - Speier

Jakob Aspenleiter, grandson of Valentine and Magdalena- Speier


Valentin Aspenleiter - Speier Magdalena Schaff Aspenleiter - Speier Michael Renner - Speier Rosa Aspenleiter, sister to Jakob - Speier


Anna (Eckroth) and Peter Renner

Margaretha (Hoerner) & Pius Renner

Selestina (Renner), Joseph Rau & Sons


Valentine Frederick Hoerner  & Magdalena Maria Fleck

Speyer Grade School Class of 1942


Martin, John and Eva (Ehret)

The Wendel Martin Family.


Anton & Franziska (Assel) Doll     Anton & Franziska Doll Family -1911





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