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Beresan Area Speier (North) Speier (South)


The map of the Beresan area is taken from the book "SPEYER IM BERESANER TAL DER SÜDUKRAINE:  1809/1810--MÄRZ 1944 HEUTE PESTSCHANYJ BROD" by John Philipps, published in the German language by the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, ND, copyright 1996.  Map printed at this website with permission of the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection.

  It is by far the best, most "readable" map of the Beresan area I've seen!


The Speier maps are actually one map that we've had to divide in half because of the size.  The credit for this wonderful map goes to Aubrey Marthaller, who put the village "together" using aerial photographs taken during the war and the help of some of the former inhabitants of Speier.   Thanks, Aubrey, for providing us with this information!!





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